Why Custom?

For centuries, projects created with wood and built with knowledge have lent themselves to lasting durability and a great spectrum of design opportunities. Incorporating the timeless color tones and natural grain patterns of different species of woods and finishes, custom designs are inspired by individual circumstances and playful ideas. The results are one of a kind projects, impressive not just in asthetics, but also in use and practicality.  Custom woodwork allows the revival or re-production of historic pieces when preservation is imperative. Custom is hand-crafted with impressive attention to detail to arrive as exactly what you want, having it do exactly what you need it to do or fit exactly how it needs to fit.  It's about specific choices and precision that all come together in perfection. 

Why Calderwood?

Custom isn't always easy. Our team at Calderwood is recognized  for decades of hands-on carpentry experience with individualized projects: cabinetry, custom doors & windows, stair parts, moldings, countertops, etc. in a vast array of wood species and finishes. We know how to work together with designers, architects, builders, and homeowners, to think a project through,  to problem-solve and to professionally communicate with the common goal of exceptional quality in workmanship, seamless teamwork, and completed projects that make everyone involved not just satisfied, but proud.